April tells stories about her own

faith journey with vulnerability.

Her courage to share real life experiences invites the audience to explore a deeper understanding of who they are and how God can use their story too.

~ Sean Seay, Lead Pastor, Athens Church


Faith-based Speaking

April shares content combining scripture with her own experience in ministry and corporate training materials that can be customized for the audience including pain to purpose, vision, values, relationship building and team building.

Additional messages that April has shared in faith based settings include:

I’m Available: It is a powerful moment when you trust
God to say, “I’m Available.” This one statement has impacted April through her career, family and faith. She shares candidly about the ways she repeats the words, “I’m available” to herself during speaking engagements and day to day decisions. The audience leaves feeling encouraged to allow God to direct crossroads in their personal walk.

Before Amen: What if your biggest NO is God catapulting you to a bigger YES! While speaking at a conference for foster youth in 2009, April was moved by the students in the audience. It took two years and many “NO’s” for April to find a way to serve. Through this experience she learned that God’s NO today may be our best preparation for what is next. Waiting is hard, especially when we pray big. Audiences leave empowered to wait with confidence in God before the Amen.

Labeled: Name brands are everywhere. Sometimes we even brand people with labels that are not true. God sees through those labels and comparison traps.
April inspires listeners to do the same.

Your Story is Worth Telling: Everyone has a story. Someone needs to hear your story. Not the grandest story, saddest story or the biggest comeback story – Your story.
April demonstrates how to tell your story in a way that is meaningful. Your personal story is your testimony and learning to share it intentionally may have eternal impact for those God puts along your path.

April in the Media

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April loves to connect with live audiences. She speaks at events from corporate meetings and college kick offs to women’s events and church gatherings. Whatever your event is, she would love to talk and see if she is the right fit to help.